progresso da China

Made in China never mean poor quality, It is just cheap.
Haven’t you heard of China’s ability to build skyscrapers and high-speed rails? China can build an entire skyscraper in just a few months, while the United States may use it for a few years. What’s better is that China’s skyscrapers are sturdy and durable.
For example, the first picture is DaXing Airport in Beijing. The entire airport site takes up 47 square km (18 square miles – more than half the size of Hong Kong Island, while the main terminal takes up 7.5 million square feet (695,000 square metres), making it the largest in the world. It only took China four years to build the world’s largest airport. What about the United States?
By the way, China has a long history. Those buildings built thousands of years ago did not “naturally collapse”. What you said was apparantly totally FAKE.
I guess the so-called natural collapse of Chinese buildings you saw on youtube is fake. What actually happened may be the fixed-point blasting of the building and the fake name.
P.S Here are some MADE IN CHINA Buildings. (Louis Wong)