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#89 Aug 30, 2019

盛宴 Dining


Rosé Revolution

Rosé festivals will be pervading MGM Macau’s Vista with its pink elegance on September 28, 2019. Free-flow of over 20 world-class Rosé wines from all around the globe will be served during the event, each exuding its own subtle, sophisticated taste. Alongside the world’s best pink drops, guests can also savor a variety of fine canapés and special pink cocktails, while enjoying some DJ music performance right by the pool of MGM Macau.

盛宴 Dining


Shanghai Delights

In celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival, Catalpa Garden at Hotel Royal Macau has prepared a host of mouth-watering Shanghainese delicacies . A total of five menus are available for groups of four to twelve persons to enjoy from September 3 to 14, 2019.

餐飲 Dining



Sunday Brunch

Enjoy Sunday Brunch with Jak at the Manor in St. Regis, where guests can indulge in an endless array of the freshest seafood, succulent prime meats and a live-teppanyaki station, a selection of pass-around signature dishes, and then finish off with an assortment of decadent French-themed desserts.

婚禮 Events


Perfect Weddings

Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel, Cotai Central and The St. Regis Macao, Cotai Central are showcasing their exclusive wedding offers and a range of exclusive wedding packages at The 40th Wedding, Banquet, Beauty & Jewelry Expo at The Venetian Macao from 30 August to 1 September 2019.

餐飲 Dining


米芝蓮星級名廚Henrique Sá Pessoa於2019年8月29日至9月1日在澳門金沙城中心「希雅度葡國餐廳」推出「味覺體驗」品嚐菜單,菜單包括葡式鱈魚冷湯配醃黃瓜;烤章魚配辣椒杏仁味噌醬與嫩蘆筍;蒸鱸魚配青豆、葡式香腸與榛子荷蘭汁;野生大紅蝦飯配香草;以及甜品雜莓、椰子雪葩配開心果奶油與蛋白酥。

Authentic Flavours

Michelin-starred celebrity chef Henrique Sá Pessoa will present an exceptional degustation menu for connoisseurs of contemporary Portuguese cuisine at Sands Cotai Central’s Chiado restaurant from Aug. 29 – Sept. 1, 2019.

家居 Home Affairs


從酒店行業從業者到健康顧問,初到澳門的Kelly Tsoi分享她在健康生活道路上的故事和建議。

Health Living

From hotelier to holistic health advisor, newcomer to Macau, Kelly Tsoi is inspired to share her stories and advice on a pathway to healthy living.

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A ideia é traduzir conteúdos para a língua portuguesa, com o objetivo de transmiti-los em programas televisivos e radiofónicos macaenses.

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Morreu Alfredo Ritchie, o “mano mais velho” de Macau

Morreu na madrugada de ontem Alfredo Ritchie, vítima de doença prolongada. Além de médico e membro dos Dóci Papiaçám di Macau, era visto como um dos últimos mestres de patuá e, essencialmente, como…

Source: Morreu Alfredo Ritchie, o “mano mais velho” de Macau


nota do editor quando nos reencontramos em 2011 no 13º colóquio da lusofonia em Macau

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Macau Urbanidades de Antº Conceição Jnr



Posted: 25 Aug 2019 04:23 AM PDT

Look at the pictures of a certain place. They don’t carry modernity as it is not necessary for the contemporary meaning issued by Baudelaire in 1864, in his “ Painter of Modern Life”, to confer to the place the powerful culture that exists in Europe, which is the continuity of a stage that is replaced much slower than places contaminated by the virus of the eagerness of a manifestation of modernity, just because.

That is why these houses and their details touch me so deeply.


Cities are places of fascination, of deals with time, living organisms, legacies, places built by those who preceded us in different pasts, respected and honored by our own experience, ingenuity and willingness to continue them.

Cities are only so when their authenticity is respected and proudly lived, enjoyed.

Otherwise, it is not a city, but an urban huddle where human vegetation replaces fruition.

This place, where I am, lulls me into sentiment, that language of feeling, and makes me proud to be here.

People say “good morning, how are you, please excuse me and thank you”.

In a café run by an old black-clad widow and her two daughters, a young man, perhaps just twelve years old, stood bare-chested in front of my table with the utmost respect who, shy but dignified, asked:

“I apologize for interrupting gentlemen, but could you give me a cigarette?” And in those words, both seductive and respectful, comes down to the recognition of the Other, of someone that exists apart from himself. He showed not only respect but awareness that he was not the only person on earth. Something that appears not to happen everywhere.

Nearby is a fabulous little shop, because it embodies everything that has become anachronistic. First, because it has existed for over sixty years. Then, because he continues to flaunt caution, lotteries lining the walls, dating from decades ago to today’s scratch cards, and newspapers and magazines, all exuding time, to the endless generations of students buying notebooks and ballpoint pens, and there, always there, Mr. Carvalho, slow because that’s his measure, tells me “until …”

Just around the corner, before seven in the morning, the café shop opens, the owner setting an example, the girl at the counter follows in his footsteps, and the thick-glass clerk follows, finishing the procession.

Then I come in, and a smile greets me, and soon the table comes to me, the marble top, the full ‘wiping’ and the mixed toast and I slowly adjusting myself to the hands of this time.

These are all working people, with a bearing that exudes a subtle dignity, equal to the stones from which they seem to come from.

An unspeakable nostalgia grips me because it reminds me of the time when, where I come from, there were people who belonged, there were tricycles and rickshaws, cicadas and the trees were not sawn, they fell of very old age. They were powerful red acacias concealing singing cicadas, alternating with the Chinese opera of a radio, and we all got along in a language-independent relationship. We were all from there, and those who arrived soon submerged in the river of the history of that place.

Perhaps few now know what a city is, where knowledge has given way to ignorance, famine, consumption, and power show off.

Some show their richness, void of anything else other their impoverished richness.

From the recurrent ignorance, from the city turned into a parish and a pigeon hole, I say I’m from here and there, I’m by my side, a side without sides, but a whole like me, a fragmented entirety.

I am, therefore, from nowhere, I am before me the skeleton, leafless leaf where glimpses are visible.

To be, to exist, is a strange simple complexity, a cosmology, a free prison, or perhaps (and I only doubt for certainty) an imprisoned freedom, a kind of shackled hurricane. I reach either side and let them believe it.

I dive into the depth of silence to see which side of the facet it is, even though I know that I will know nothing, because knowing is a transcendence that is not sympathetic to the illusions of being or being, that is, of time and place. That which overlaps us and is unnamable. This is where I am, without sides and from nowhere.

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Eleição – 310 mil eleitores excluídos da escolha do chefe do Governo de Macau, associação

A Associação Novo Macau, pró-democracia, criticou este domingo a exclusão de 310 mil eleitores na votação para chefe do Governo que resultou na escolha do único candidato, o ex-presidente da Assembleia Legislativa (AL) Ho Iat Seng.

Source: Eleição – 310 mil eleitores excluídos da escolha do chefe do Governo de Macau, associação

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