HK A História não irá perdoar Carrie Lam

Opinião de Jorge Silva, no Jornal Tribuna de Macau de 6 de Setembro de 2019.

Chegar tarde a tudo.

A Chefe do Executivo de Hong Kong resolveu, finalmente, retirar a Lei da Extradição que, em má hora, chegou a propor sem medir as consequências, uma decisão para agradar ao Governo Central.

A onda de contestação que Carrie Lam criou ultrapassou todas as expectativas e a líder do governo da RAEHK não conseguiu perceber os sinais da rua.

Desde então o poder caiu nas ruas de Hong Kong, onde tudo se decidiu – a Polícia ficou entregue a si própria e, após um período inicial, de respeito pela Lei e ordem, passou ao ataque, enquanto o movimento pró-democracia ganhava força e respeitabilidade.

Os dois lados perceberam que não havia liderança em Hong Kong e a cidade ficou à deriva durante três meses, mesmo quando Carrie Lam abria a boca para dizer banalidades.

O poder estava na rua, com Pequim a observar, estupefacta, do outro lado da fronteira ou horrorizada quando as imagens passavam na televisão.

De uma contestação inicial à Lei da Extradição, surgiram mais quatro exigências por parte do movimento democrático, sempre com Carrie Lam longe da realidade, sem saber o que fazer, quando devia ter pedido, logo, a sua demissão…

Hong Kong não teve sorte com os seus Chefes de Executivo desde 1997.

Foram e são todos maus, sem visão e estratégia para acudir aos problemas sociais e políticos da antiga colónia britânica, mas Carrie Lam ultrapassou as marcas, permitindo o triste espectáculo de uma cidade à beira do abismo e da ruptura total, da brutalidade policial e a radicalização de sectores do movimento que partiram para os actos de vandalismo, sempre condenáveis.

A Chefe do Executivo de Hong Kong nunca procurou o diálogo com o outro lado da questão, nunca tentou convencer Pequim das especificidades da RAEHK e da sua população, dos desejos de liberdade e democracia no tecido político.

Esteve, sempre, de costas voltadas para Hong Kong, nunca percebendo que a cidade, tal como a conhecíamos, estava a desaparecer, preocupada, apenas, Carrie Lam com a sua própria sobrevivência política.

A História não irá perdoar Carrie Lam, um autêntico desastre político.

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Governo de Hong Kong vai anunciar fim da polémica lei da extradição

Carrie Lam acede, assim, a uma das principais reivindicações dos manifestantes pró-democracia.

Source: Governo de Hong Kong vai anunciar fim da polémica lei da extradição

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destruição em HK

Tudo tem um fim, exceto a salsicha que tem dois…



This is HK.


Sai Bee Nyean

Who is behind HK riots ?

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‘How to kill Hong Kong police’ and what comes next.

Yonden Lhatoo warns that relentless war being waged by protesters against the city’s police force has crossed a dangerous new line after an officer was knifed by masked men while returning home from work.

I find it deeply troubling that someone just tried to murder a police officer in Hong Kong and hardly anyone seems to be bothered much, as we all move on to the next cycle of news about mass protests and anti-government campaigns.

Three masked men ambushed the 45-year-old officer at Kwai Fong MTR station late on Friday night while he was heading home after work.

They knifed him repeatedly in a vicious, cowardly attack, inflicting bone-deep wounds, and fled the scene.

Over more than 12 weeks of relentless guerilla warfare waged against police by rioters, radicals, hooligans, juvenile delinquents and common criminals sheltering under the broader umbrella of a supposedly peaceful people’s uprising, frontline officers have been felled by bricks, burned by petrol bombs and acid, beaten unconscious with sticks and metal rods, stabbed with spears, and hit by ball bearings fired from catapults.

But the attempted murder of this policeman takes it to a whole new level.

If the perpetrators are indeed part of the protest movement, it’s terrifying that they no longer feel the need to be confined by its narrative.

No heat-of-the-moment violence here – just calculated, cold-blooded crime.

And if the culprits turn out to be triad gangsters disguised as protesters to settle old scores, the wider implications for law and order are just as terrifying.

None of this should come as a surprise, really.

Just look at all the hate forums online, particularly LIHKG, Hong Kong’s version of Reddit, with page after page of discussion threads and tutorials on how to maim and kill police officers, when and where to lie in wait for them, what weapons to use.

It’s all there, in plain sight, and absolutely nothing is being done to muzzle it because any attempt to shut it down feeds right into the mass hysteria about repression and diminishing freedoms here.

Our government is too timid to bite the bullet.

Look at every police station and government office across Hong Kong these days, barricaded like Masada under perpetual siege, because they’re such magnets for arson attacks and vandalism.

Have you noticed you hardly see police officers around the city any more?

That’s because they’ve suspended foot patrols and scaled down regular policing.

Can you blame them?

Warriors of freedom have been openly discussing plans over the popular messaging app Telegram to ambush officers by luring them into traps with fake emergency calls.

So great is the hatred against the 31,000-strong police force, so deep the animosity, that officers are handing out rape alarms to their children to protect them from bullying and physical assaults when they return to school for the new academic year.

As I write this, I’m watching television footage of our police officers in action right now, battling another rabid mob baying for their blood.

Their dinky little shields and batons seem as ineffective as their pepper spray and tear gas against the alarmingly expanding arsenal of makeshift and real weapons that protesters are armed with.

How much longer can police keep this up and hold the line while our government cowers behind them and makes little bleating sounds about not tolerating violence while doing exactly that?

After three months of carnage and anarchy, there is no hint of a political solution to a crippling crisis that the government itself started, no whiff of a remedy, only whiny, pathetic rhetoric.

We all know what comes next if our police force is defeated in this great “revolution of our times”.

Beijing is making no bones about the nuclear option of deploying Chinese troops in the city, and yet the message from the rioters is, “Bring it on.”

“If we burn, you burn with us,” they keep telling the rest of us.

This is going to be one inferno that those shiny, new, police water-cannon trucks will not be able to put out.

Talk about a damp squib.

Yonden Lhatoo is the chief news editor at the Post…/how-kill-hong-kong-police-and-what…

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agrava-se situação em HK

Situação em HONG KONG muito tenda.
Pela primeira vez desde que começaram as manifestações na cidade, a polícia disparou tiros para o ar e usou também canhões de água para dispersar os manifestantes.

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China ‘disappeared’ several high-profile people in 2018 and some of them are still missing – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

From prominent celebrities to the Interpol chief, the world has seen millions of people in China seemingly vanish into thin air over the past few years — and yet the international community has remained largely silent.

Source: China ‘disappeared’ several high-profile people in 2018 and some of them are still missing – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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