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(The ongoing monitoring of the situation by journalist and writer Pierre Martial on Facebook >>>
The general-dictator has succeeded in 6 months what never before him had succeeded in Burma: unifying the country, all ethnicities and religions together!
Hats off!
While the country’s very complex ethnical diversity and its multiple armed separatist groups have been at war for years with each other in defending their territories and specificities, now they are fighting on the elbow against one enemy: the army of dictatorship, for which it warms up hard here and there!
Same for the different religions that didn’t always have harmonious relationships and sometimes had a little trouble understanding each other.
Buddhists, Muslims and Christians are now stepping in hand to support resistance, feeding those hungry and medically intervening to assist Burmese and Burmese sick with coronavirus.
Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, President of the Burma Episcopal Conference, has just called on the devotees of all religions to a permanent campaign of prayer and action for the country’s peace, healing and reconciliation.
Many Christian churches served as relays and caches for resilient and resilient on the run, the first few months of the coup d ‘ état.
And we still have this photo of sister Ann Roza Nu Thawng on our knees to stop the military from arresting the youth of his parish in Myitkhyna. (photo 2, Myitkhyna, March 8, 2021).
Muslims are also particularly active and many mosques distribute food to the poorest.
Several of them even turned into small country hospitals to give oxygen to the most affected covid patients (this morning, pic 3 in Nwe Aye).
As for the Buddhists (apart from the very small minority of fundamentalists – the W Monk style – who have definitely tied themselves to the junta side), all others are particularly active in Burmese resistance.
Not happy to distribute bags of rice and essential goods all over the country, some don’t hesitate to protest every day on the streets, like Mandalay’s famous ′′ three-finger ′′ monks (this morning in Mandalay, photo 1).
The youth of Generation Z, on the other hand, – and all beliefs or non-beliefs confused – continue their many supportive distributions and express demonstrations, like this morning again in Kalay (in a diluvian rain), Showebo, Taze, at Dawei, Lang Lone, Tantse, Hpakant (on motorcycle), Paung, Myaing (on motorcycle), Auglan, Sagaing, Meiktila, Salyngyi, Ayartaw (this morning, photo 4) and in so many other cities and villages…
Let’s continue with all our strength to make it known what’s happening in Burma to help them in our place and with all our strength!
We are with you from the bottom of our hearts, Burmese friends and friends.
Cursed be the dictatorships! Whatever they are and wherever they are!
To share as widely as possible, my friends and friends. Hurry up.
Sharing is supporting Burmese resistance. They and they ask us.
Martial Stone
Writer and journalist-activist
PS: ′′ HAS THREE FINGERS OF FREEDOM “. THANK YOU FROM THE HEART. Thanks to all of you, we have achieved, on the HelloAsso platform, our objective of subscribing for the collective and solidarity co-publishing of the book ′′ A three fingers of freedom ′′ – whose objective is to make known as widely as possible around of us the terrible Burmese situation whose rights will be donated to the resistance.
Thank you so much!
Book release scheduled for end of August.
I will keep you updated regularly.
For any questions, do not hesitate to come to me live on FB, or pm or email: [email protected]
Let’s keep going!
Thank you also very much to my friends and journalists, militants and correspondents Burmese and Burmese (some of whom are directly affected by covid, I think very strongly about them and them) for the news and videos, often live, that they and they pass me on so that I may inform you as best as I can.
Finally thanks to The Irrawaddy, Frontier, DVB, Myanmar Now, Mizzima, MPS Pressphoto and Khit Thit Media for the photos.

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