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At the end of the cold afternoon, I get the unexpected visit from my two sons. One is a doctor, the other engineer. Both successful in their professions.
Less than a week ago I suffered the death of my beloved wife. I still feel down by the loss that changed the course and meaning of life for me.
Sitting at the room table of a simple and simple house where I live now alone we start talking. The topic is about my future. A cold walk my back. Soon they trying to convince me that the best thing for me is living in a nursing home.
I react… Argument that the shadow of loneliness doesn’t scare me and old age, much less. But my children insist ′′ worried “? They regret, meanwhile, that the dependencies of their spacious apartments by the sea are occupied and therefore I can not be with one or another… so they say. Also, my kids and daughters-in-law live very busy. So they wouldn’t have how to see me. That without counting my grandchildren, they study almost all day, it’s impossible.
In my favor, argument already without much conviction that, in that case, they might as well help me pay for a caregiver. In front of me, the doctor and the engineer say they would actually be necessary ′′ three carers in three shifts and all with signed portfolio “. What would be, in times of crisis, a small fortune at the end of each month.
I refuse to accept the proposal to live in a shelter. And here comes another suggestion: I’m asked to sell the house.
Money will pay for household expenses where I will go for a good time so no one cares. Not them, not me.
I surrender to arguments for not having more strength to face so much ingratitude and coldness. I closed my lips and I don’t talk about the sacrifice I’ve made throughout my life to fund both studies. I’m not saying I stopped traveling with my family on a ride, frequenting good restaurants, going to a theater or changing cars so that nothing would be missing them. It wouldn’t be worth pleading such facts at that height of the conversation. Hence, without saying a single word, I decide to put my belongings together. In no time, I see a lifetime summed up in two suitcases. With them, I’m embarking on to another reality, much tougher. A home for seniors, away from children and grandchildren.
Today, in the arms of solitude, I admit that I was able to teach my children moral values.
But I couldn’t convey either a virtue called GRATITUDE.
The fault is ours for we are always giving them what they want or ask for, when we must teach them that they must ′′ earn it “.
How Working hard, helping to clean house, cooking, washing dishes, etc., by the time you reach adults know things are done effortfully and be responsible and pleasant, love your parents for having taught them to be good children.
Current youth seek you when they want something, when they need you, but how logical their exceptions exist.
Gratitude must be forged, it is not included in the hearts of humans unless it has been instilled in love and fear of God first.
I apologize for manifesting what I think, but you should know that when they become ′′ old ′′ they will want to be well treated by their children and / or grandchildren and that is not achieved by money but by the kindness planted in their hearts.
There will be parents who are in time to forge feelings.
God have mercy on new generations.
′′ For recent times there will be children loving themselves, indifferent, selfish, vaglorious, disloyal, who enjoy injustice and depart from the truth “”

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