eua 50 anos contra o afeganistão

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The Taliban were armed and funded by the US in late 70 s to overthrow the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, a socialist state that distributed land between farmworkers and cancelled its debts, advanced rights to women and taxed the wealthy. In case you forgot.
It was on April 27, 1978 that the Saur Revolution proclaimed the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan a socialist state that guaranteed never-before-seen rights in Afghanistan. From this time are photos of women without burka, because by decree guaranteed equal rights between women and men, land was confiscated to royal lord and family and distributed between farmworkers, trade unions were legalized, minimum wage was established , a progressive income tax, the price of first-need food was reduced, opium cultivation banned, peasant cooperatives were promoted, a literacy campaign was launched in a country with 97 % illiterate.
America couldn’t allow it and as always didn’t care about the consequences. It was in July 1979 that he officially decided to fund and support the Taliban to overthrow that government that carried out policies for the benefit of its people. His goal was to provoke ′′ a Vietnam “, but the other way around, suffered by a socialist state. He didn’t care about the mental craziness of Taliban religious bigotry. He funded and supported them.
Today those Taliban destroy everything in its path, but let’s not forget who made them born and for what purpose. Let’s not forget that one day Afghanistan was really free and to cut the wings they created the Taliban.

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  • Luis Nobrega

    Que esperar de uma nação doente que inveja tudo e todos. Eles não conseguem ser felizes e por essa razão levam a desgraça aos outros povos, nem que para isso tenham de matar alguns conterrâneos e culpar um grupo terrorista financiado por eles. Trata-se, como é óbvio, dos carniceiros dos E.U.A., que não conseguem aclamar a sua arrogância e levam a toda a parte a morte, a miséria e a fome, tudo em nome da sua chulopartidocracia de valores trevosos e mafiosos que serve para alguns enriquecerem.
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