corrupção no ruanda, diatdura

Her biggest crime was to run for the Presidency against Kagame, she was then arrested, charged for incitement and jailed for 20 good years and the world is quiet.
If you thought Museveni was bad, think about what Rwandan President Paul Kagame has done to this lady and her family…..
In May 2017, Diane Rwigara declared she would be vying for the presidency. Immediately after, nude photos of her were shared online but her popularity continued to grow. Barely two weeks later, she was disqualified on technical grounds.
Soon after, Diane, her mother and sisters were thrown into jail – where they continue to rot to date.
As if this was not enough, Rwandan government last week continued auctioning the family property in a bid to finish them completely…… Even as we continue telling M7 to #FreeBobiWine, someone needs to tell Kagame to #FreeDianeRwigara


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