admirável mundo novo vegan plástico

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🌍 This is Almeria in Spain. It’s the stuff of vegan wet dreams and an ecological Armageddon to everyone else….26 000 hectares (64 000 acres) of plastic covered greenhouses growing nothing but fruit and veg.
Plants are hydroponically drip fed water laced with chemical fertilizers in grow bags of imported soil. Temperatures for the predominantly illegal African workers are brutal and the surrounding land and beaches are strewn with spent pesticide containers and tons upon tons of discarded plastic sheeting.
….this is the utopian future we are bullied with, where domestic animals are extinct and wild animals have no usable habitat because it’s all fenced, walled and under plastic.

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Chrys Chrystello jornalista, tradutor e presidente da direção e da comissão executiva da AICL