NOVA ZELÂNDIA e o parlamentar maori foi autorizado a falar sem gravata

New Zealand’s parliament has backed down in a dispute with a Maori MP who refused to wear a tie.
Rawiri Waititi was allowed to address the chamber, a day after being ejected for breaking its dress code by wearing a traditional pendant called hei-tiki instead of a tie.
The parliament speaker later said ties would no longer be required as part of “appropriate business attire”.
Mr Waititi said it was a “win for the many generations to come”.
It means that parliament is a place that people “can freely express their cultural identity”, he told the BBC’s Newsday programme.
“This was always about the greater cause of the subjugation and assimilation that Maori have had to face for the past 181 years,” he said.
Mr Waititi was ejected from parliament on Tuesday over a rule that male MPs can only ask questions in the debating chamber if wearing a tie.
Speaker Trevor Mallard twice prevented the Maori Party co-leader from asking questions before he was removed from the chamber. (BBC)
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  • Os meus fatos e gravatas estão há uns 25 ou 27 anos pendurados no armário. Deixei de os usar, a não ser a título muito excepcional, aí uma vez por ano, se tanto.
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