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José Ramos-Horta

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Water Crisis in Bali and elsewhere in Indonesia. And also in Timor-Leste

For many years I have been alerting about water scarcity in Timor-Leste and in Asia in general. I spoke on this serious human security challenge in Water Summits in Myanmar (2017), Tokyo (2018) and recently in a peace conference in Phnon Penh. In my speech tomorrow in Seoul I will touch upon this grave matter.

In TL I have alerted authorities and communities to conserve water, replant trees and replenish forests to attract rain.

50 million people across Indonesia are facing severe water scarcity.

Timor-Leste and the Indonesian islands around us are generally poor in water reserves. We don’t have major river systems and lakes.

However, successive Govts in TL have not paid due attention to this very serious human survival challenge. At least one person was reported killed over water dispute a couple of weeks ago in Dili

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