atlhos desconhecidos do windows…



  • : Just pressing the Win Key opens the Start Menu, and successive typing lets you find apps and docs on your computer
  • + E: Displays the File Explorer
  • + R: Displays the Run dialog box that enables you to enter manual commands
  • + M: Displays the desktop
  • + Left (Right): Snaps your current window to the left (right) and displays the other open apps on the opposite side of the screen so you can choose (pressing the Up or Down keys immediately after you hit the Left or Right key makes the current window snap to a quadrant)
  • + T: Focusses on the first and then succeeding taskbar entries (+ Shift + T cycles backward)
  • + Number Key: Launches a new instance of the pinned application in the nth slot on the taskbar
  • + P: Displays external display options (to connect to an additional monitor or projector)
  • + +: Zooms in to 200% (+ – goes back to 100%)
  • + I: Opens Windows Settings
  • + TAB: Opens the Task View where you can select one of the open applications, create a new “virtual” desktop, and see a timeline of your activities
    • + Ctrl + D: Creates an additional desktop (“virtual” desktop) without first opening the Task View
    • + Ctrl + F4: Closes the current “virtual” desktop — any open applications are automatically transferred to Desktop 1
    • + Ctrl + Left (Right): Switches between open “virtual” desktops
  • + V: Opens the clipboard history
  • +. or ; : Opens the emoji panel when typing.
  • + H: Opens the dictation toolbar
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