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Marissa Coutinho Samake FIRST LADY IN WAITING…[Herald] From Goa to Bahrain to the US and now Mali, in West Africa, where her husband Niankoro Yeah Samake is standing for next month’s presidential elections. The trajectory of Marissa Coutinho Samake’s life has taken her on a journey few could have dreamt of. In the heart of this sub-Saharan country with vast expanses of inhospitable desert overrun by Islamist militants till a few weeks ago, this is perhaps the closest we will get to chasing the dream of a Goan becoming the first lady of a country. With a degree in business management from the US, Marissa has been a huge asset to the Samake campaign. “She is uniquely positioned to advise and support me every step of the way. Her ability to remain neutral and see things from a different perspective is something that I find irreplaceable,” Samake says of his “first lady”, as he goes into overdrive to a poll that will be as keenly watched in Goahttp://www.heraldgoa.in/News/Herald%20Review/30th-Jun-2013/76335.html

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